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What’s Up With Vitamin A?

What’s up with vitamin A and Cron-O-Meter? I have one lousy small carrot and I am at 278% of my daily requirement for vitamin A. Is that correct? And to add to it all, vitamin A is supposedly toxic at … Continue reading

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Net carbs and total carbs are an option now.

On the diary page below where you put your foods eaten for the day, you will find the calorie summary box. By clicking on the gear icon on the top right of the box, you will get an expanded version … Continue reading

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Dynamic Macronutrient Targets: What They Mean

In this blog we will discuss the new change to Cron-O-Meter, dynamic macronutrient targets and what the targets in the dropdown menu (zone, paleo, ketogenic, LFRV) mean and resources for you to learn more on their specifics. On the diary … Continue reading

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Jawbone is here!

We’ve just launched support for Jawbone devices. If you own a Jawbone device you can now sync your Jawbone data to your Cron-O-Meter diary. To sync, go to the ‘Profile’ tab and scroll to the bottom where there is a section … Continue reading

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