Some new features

Hot on the heels of the redesigned website, we’ve added two small new additions to the Diary.

The old weight change widget in the sidebar is no longer just a boring number — but a weight graph:



And for gold subscribers, we’ve added an option to show the total calories for each group in your diary:


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New look to the website

We’re pleased to unveil a new look to our website today! We’ve updated the styling of the site to be more modern — and the cleaner look should help make heavy volume of data we present more readable.

We’ve not made any major changes to the functionality or mechanics of the site, it’s purely presentation changes, as well as many changes ‘under-the-hood’ that will make the site load faster and will make it easier to add new features down the road.

We hope you like the changes as much as we do!

NOTE 1: Some folks are reporting problems loading the page. This appears to be a (mysterious) browser cache issue, and reloading the page a few times solves the problem for most people, and clearing your web browser cache and reloading should solve it for everyone.

NOTE 2:We also forgot to mention last month, we updated the USDA database to use the latest sr27 release.

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Over 15000 new food items added!

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just added a set of over 15000 new high quality food items to our database. These foods come from the University of Minnesota Nutrition Coordination Center’s Food and Nutrition Database. It has much more than the USDA’s database, and better coverage of micronutrient values. Look for these new items in your food searches. You’ll see them as coming from the source ‘NCCDB’.

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USDA sr26

It’s that time of year again. The USDA has recently released version sr26 of their food database. We’ve updated our foods with this new information. This release adds over many new food items, as well as more accurate nutritional information for existing items.

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Database updated with new USDA sr25

The USDA has recently released version sr25 of their food database. We’ve updated our foods with this new information. This release adds over 200 new food items, as well as more accurate nutritional information for existing items.

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System Maintenance Tonight at 11pm EST will be taken down at 11pm EST tonight while we upgrade to some more powerful servers. We estimate the outage to last roughly one hour.

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New Logo!

We’re proud to unveil our snappy new logo today:


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Happy Birthday turns 1 year old today!

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New Gold Features: Diary Groups

We’re pleased to announce a new feature for our Gold Subscribers.  You can now activate diary groups, allowing you to create up to 6 custom categories for your daily entries.


To activate the feature, go to your diary, click the widget menu, and select Edit Diary Groups…:

Edit Diary Groups...

This will bring up the edit groups dialog where you can activate the feature and choose custom labels for your groups. By default we have Uncategorized, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, and Other. But if you want an Afternoon Tea, or Workouts, or Alchemy category, you have complete control.

Clicking on a group header will activate that group, turning the label slightly red. If you add a new diary entry while a group is active, it will automatically be placed in that group. If you don’t have an group active, the first group is always the default.

If you want to move an entry to a different group you can just drag and drop the item to where you want it.

Clicking on a group header will also select all of the items in that group. This is useful, for example, if you want to see just the nutrition breakdown  for a particular group. Right-clicking on a group header will also let you delete all of the items, or copy all of the items in that group.

Please note that the mobile versions do not yet support groups. They will display items in order, but do not yet show group headers or allow you to choose in which group to place new entries. Entries logged by the mobile apps will appear in the default group. You can use the web version to drag-and-drop the items into their appropriate groups later.

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Ordering Your Diary

We’ve just fixed a long standing issue where the specific ordering of the entries you logged in a day was not being preserved. The exact order you enter all items will now be preserved. You can now also drag-and-drop the diary items to re-order them to your liking.


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