Android client beta preview

We’re nearly ready to release our beta Android client for Gold Subscribers.  We’re currently targeting Android 2.2 or later and hope to have it out this week. Here’s a few screenshots.


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We accept Bitcoin

By request, we are pleased to note that we now also accept Bitcoins for subscriptions. We’ll accept payment in BTC at the 1 day weighted average price.   If interested, email us for further details. We’ve officially done one bitcoin transaction so far, and are proud to support this new digital currency.

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Announcing CRON-O-Meter Gold

Today we are announcing a new premium subscription version:  CRON-O-Meter Gold. For Gold subscribers, we can offer CRON-O-Meter advertisement-free. We also offer priority support, new chart and analysis options, food sharing (for couples), and will be offering subscribers early access to our android mobile app.

Gold subscribers get some new analysis options in place of those pesky advertisements. The nutrition summary now has a nutrient balance display for your Zinc : Copper and Omega-3 : Omega-6 ratios. These nutrients are important to get in the right ratio and not just adequate amounts. These balance widgets help show where you stand relative to the optimal ratios.

Nutrient Balances

The metrics chart can now display smoothed trends instead of the actual data points, making it easier to see your overall trend amidst what is often quite noisy data. The biometrics data can also be exported to .csv format so you can open it in a spreadsheet and do further custom analysis.

The food sharing feature is ideal for couples that are sharing a lot of common meals. Once you link your accounts, your custom foods and recipes can be shared with one another. So if one person enters tonight’s dinner as a recipe, the other one doesn’t need to go through the trouble of entering the same recipe details. The other’s items will show up in their food search results.

Advertising revenue is not enough to fund full-time development of and corresponding mobile apps, so subscribers can help fund the further development of and related apps.  Consider subscribing today and helping us to continue making the best heath tracking package there is!

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Ooops, IE Broken

Oops, it appears yesterday’s release has broken when viewed with Internet Explorer. We are looking into a fix for this. In the meantime, we recommend windows users to switch to using Firefox or Google Chrome to view the site.

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We’ve moved

We’ve just completed migration of this site from a shared hosting service to a dedicated virtual private server. Hopefully you’ll notice things are snappier than before!

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By Request, More Features!

Thanks to some feedback in our forums, we’ve added a few new features today:

  • It is now possible to copy all the items from the previous day to the current day.  This is very useful for people that typically eat the same thing every day.
  • As an option in the nutritional summary (Trends Panel) you can now specify if the time range should include the current day or not. For example, if you were viewing the past 7 days, but have incomplete information for the current day, then they averaged would be brought down by the current incomplete day. A new checkbox was added that will shift the time range back a day, to get more accurate averages.
  • Sugars can now be broken down by 6 different types (glucose, fructose, lactose, etc…). By default they are hidden, but if you require tracking of these you can enabled them by going to your profile page and editing the target settings. Beware that the data for these sugars is not complete for all items in the USDA food database, so the totals may be under-represented.
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An alternative way to login

We’ve added the ability to log in using a dedicated username and password. If you’ve previously set up your account through Google, Yahoo, or Facebook, you can also set a custom username and password under the profile screen. This way, if these sites have technical problems (I have seen the Yahoo login service have significant downtime on several occasions), you will have an alternative way to log into

For users that don’t want to use a third party to manage their identity, they can now also create accounts on in the traditional fashion, without needing an OpenId or OAuth provider.

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Snake Oil & Supplements

The Information Is Beautiful blog have updated their excellent interactive info-graphic on supplements. They have fed hundreds of scientific studies into their data set to display the relative efficacy of various supplements. For anyone trying to keep up with the latest research and all the conflicting results from various studies, this is an invaluable tool for separating the snake oil from the science.

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Trends Panel – Nutrition Report

Today brings several changes to the look of the Diary screen and Trends screens. Instead of tabs for each nutrient category, all of the nutrients are now being shown together below the main summary. This same component is also shown on the Trends page where you can show your average daily nutrition for a recent time period. The diary sidebar now includes a weight change summary, and the calories mini chart now shows the calories burned and net calories in addition to consumed calories.

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New Feature: Community Foods

Having a large database of high quality food items is crucial  for a tool like CRON-O-Meter to be useful. It currently has over 8000 items from the USDA public database. However, this database is missing many commercial products and fast food items.

Today we’ve rolled out a new feature: The ability to publish your custom foods into the community database (‘CRDB’) so that all CRON-O-Meter users can benefit from them.

For the time being, foods must be approved for inclusion by a curator (that’s me). To submit one of your custom foods to the community database, open your food in the food editor and click the ‘Share’ button. You have two options:  You can share your actual food item, in which case you will no longer be able to edit the item once it becomes part of the public database. For the time being, only curators will currently be able to edit these public food items. If you want to retain a copy of the item that you can still edit, you can choose the share a copy instead.

If you’ve spent any time entering in custom food items from product labels, consider sharing them so everyone else can be spared the trouble!

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